NCPA Members snoozies!® Program

You have previously ordered snoozies! but not through our web site

If you have only previously ordered snoozies! in 2015 or prior at the 2015 NCPA show, by phone or by fax and wish to order any of our new spring/summer 2016 styles OR need to order sizes to balance your inventory BUT have never used our web site please read the below.

To place new orders through our web site you will first need to register as a customer online with us only once to establish your account on our site. Our web site does not show you as a prior customer if you have not previously registered online.

Click HERE for the link and instructions to register as a customer on our site this one time

Click Here for Instructions to Register

You Have Never Purchased snoozies! Before

NCPA Member pharmacies can enjoy solid sales and high margins selling snoozies! through our NCPA discount program. ALL NCPA members receive 10% off the list pricing for all snoozies! (display fixtures not included).

Go to and register as a new account as explained above and enter NCPA in the buying group field. After you have registered the home page will have an NCPA link as shown below. Click it to get started!

You Have Previously Ordered Through Our Site

If you have ordered snoozies! through our web site for your store and are sure that you completed the online registration and you have a user ID and Password and that your Buying Group Code has NCPA in it entered during your registration and are ready to place new orders please proceed to our site by Clicking HERE.

Click Here to visit

If you have used our site to order but are not sure that NCPA was entered in the Buying Group field during registration you need to login to your account and be sure that NCPA is in the Buying Group field so that your orders will receive the NCPA discount. Click HERE to login and then please click on the link at the top of the page and scroll to the BUYING GROUP field to enter NCPA and then save your changes by clicking on the link at the very bottom of that page.

You Need to Order Print and/or Size Packs to Balance Your Display

Once you have logged onto the web site look for the link shown below:

Then you will see the following links:

Now you can select the size or print pack reorder option to view the available size or print packs that you need.

PLEASE NOTE: When you order print or size packs you can mix these to make the minimum order requirement which is TWO packs (in total – 12 pair) and multiples of 2 packs for your total pack and pack order.

The system will not let you only order ONE size pair pack or an add number of packs due to high freight costs.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure please contact Angela in the snoozies! Corporate offices at 252-650-7000 at extension 210 for assistance.

Registration Instructions

A. Go to home page and click on the text that says: "Click here to register today" under the green “New Customer Registration” heading as shown below:

B. Complete the New Customer Registration form. In the Buying Group field as shown below be SURE to enter "NCPA" which will tell the site you are an NCPA member and your orders will receive the NCPA 10% discount when invoiced.

C. After you have completed all the fields in this registration form click the button at the very bottom (as shown before) to register your account. D. After you have completed this ONE TIME account registration process you will be directed to our Home Page where you can browse our available collections for this season, reorder size or print packs (6 pair each) or find links to our collections' UPCs and other information.