We have read the headlines as we know you have and by all accounts 2010 will be a challenging year for all of us as suppliers and retailers alike.

We know that in 2010 we must provide the consumer a very good reason to part with their hard earned money. The products we offer them must offer fresh and new styling, be high quality and practical, have a proven retail success track record, offer a high perceived value and must have very strong pricing to accomplish this result. A formidable task to say the least when we are faced with a consumer that has all but hidden themselves and their discretionary income away.

We truly believe that we have overcome this hurdle with our snoozies!® cozy little footcoverings for the following reasons:

  • The product is fresh and new - it has not been on the market before, except to those retailers that bought it in 2008 so it has not been overexposed to the consumer. It is also a very strong alternative to the hum drum "traditional" slipper and carries a lower retail.

  • The product is high quality - it has gone through multiple wash tests and looks as good as it did when first purchased. It performs as well as or better than the consumer's expectations.

  • The item is very practical. 98% of women have cold feet and snoozies!® provide warmth. The consumer perceives this benefit immediately when they first see the product, even to the point of most putting their hands inside the Sherpa fleece lining to verify their perceptions of the product's benefit and warmth.

    The item is also machine washable and this we have found is very important to the consumer. The consumer perceives it as a value for themselves, and they also quickly identify snoozies!® as a very practical, cute and inexpensive gift item. We believe that as much as 30% to 40% of your sales will be for this end purpose.

  • Strong and competitive retail pricing. Retail price points are only $12 at MSRP with the ability to still achieve a 66% to 60% GM when promoted at 30% to a whopping 40% off respectively.

  • Proven success. snoozies!® have proven themselves as a very strong retail performer in this past fall and Holiday's tough retail environment with most of our retailers reporting anywhere from 80% to 100% sell through - many of these results were achieved in only 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Snoozies!® cozy little footcoverings is a registered trademark of Buyer's Direct, Inc. and the snoozies!® product is patent pending. Knock-offs, imitations and substitutes will not provide the full benefit of the brand and product design.

    We invite you to explore this fresh, new and extraordinary item with us as we all face the tough retail environment ahead. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. We know you will love the results!

    Marshall Bank
    President, Buyer's Direct, Inc.

snoozies!® is a registered trademark of Buyer's Direct, Inc.
snoozies!® footcoverings US Patent US D598, 183S
Accept no substitutes, imitations or knockoffs
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